Merlon IP7100 Nursecall System

The Merlon  IP-7100 series has been engineered on the basis of our successful IP7000 Nurse call series.The IP7100 series leverages technological innovation with functionality and reliability using  Power Over Ethernet technology.

PoE Infrastructure

The PoE technology extends the network capabilities by providing power as well as data over existing Ethernet cables. It remains backward compatible with other devices of the Merlon IP7000 range.Integration to Cisco infrastructure.

Compliant to IEEE 802.3at-2009 PoE standard.


Reduction of equipment through the network leads directly to a lesser risk of device failure.The Merlon IP7100 requires only a standard PoE switch is needed to supply power and data through the network infrastructure reducing the down time in the case of a device failure and consequent hot swap.

Merlon IP7100  45° angle cable insertion

Cables are now inserted at a 45° angle, which reduces potential stress on cables and the depth requirement from the rear of the wall.


Reduced rack space, easy installations and less maintenance requirements.

Eases and Accelerates Upgrades, Moves, and Changes or Temporary Deployments 

Network upgrades, configuration and changes can be accomplished faster.Network flexibility and adaptability to the customer’s infrastructure accommodating changes in design and technology