Hearing Augmentation


Alcomm Installations are one of the few Adelaide based experts that specialise in Hearing Augmentation technology + installation.

Making a venue accessible for a student who is hard of hearing often involves the installation of an augmentative hearing system. The Building Code of Australia requires that all venues with built-in amplified systems also need to have an effective hearing augmentation system.

Whilst T loop systems have been a popular choice in the past, in more recent years Infrared, FM & Bluetooth systems

have become common. These newer technologies allow information presented by the person with the microphone or outputted devices such as DVD players or MP3 Players to be transmitted to a receiver device that the student wears.

Alcomm Installations are exclusive providers of the Roger™ Wall Pilot. This portable, flexible solution can be used as a stand alone augmentation device or connected to the PA thus providing a comprehensive solution.

This wall mounted device automatically connects Roger™ Receivers to the room’s hearing augmentation network.

Hearing Augmentation


  • Schools
  • Sporting Venues
  • Aged Care
  • Large Commercial Venues
  • Churches
  • Infrared
  • FM + Bluetooth Systems
  • Touchscreen

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